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Seattle wedding photographers reveal stunning wedding venues in Washington State

Wedding venues in Washington feature so much variety! You can get married in luxury 5-star hotels, rustic barns and everything in between. Seattle wedding photographers love the diversity of wedding venues in Washington State. You can pick a wedding venue that matches your story as a couple. Do you like fancy nights on the town? Explore Seattle waterfront wedding venues. Prefer country music and PNW vibes? Maybe an outdoor wedding venue or garden wedding venue matches your vision. Finding the perfect spot to get married can be overwhelming. After all, WeddingWire lists more than 500 wedding venues in Washington State! As Seattle wedding photographers, we've captured hundreds of weddings across the Northwest. We hope this guide helps you discover the perfect location for your special day.

Wedding Venues Washington State:
Stunning Choices for Spectacular Wedding Photography

1. Newcastle Golf Club
2. Edgewater Hotel
3. Gold Creek Pond
4. Gray Bridge Venue
5. UW Botanic Gardens
6. JM Cellars
7. Sleeping Lady Resort
8. Orting Manor
9. Pine Creek Nursery
10. Kelley Farm
11. Craven Farm
12. Woodinville Lavender Farm

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Wedding Venues in Seattle

Wedding venues in Seattle offer spectacular choices. As wedding photographers, it's tough to pick just a few. We love so many! When couples ask us for the best wedding venues in Seattle with gorgeous views, we suggest Newcastle Golf Club. Technically, it's in Renton. But who cares? You can't find a wedding venue in Washington with a better view of the city of Seattle.

Couples love the romantic wedding photos from Newcastle Golf Club. Wedding photographers love the natural light and expansive city views. We always walk on the golf course at sunset. The Seattle skyline and Olympic mountains light up behind you. Your wedding photos turn out absolutely stunning.

Newcastle Golf Club boasts spacious getting ready rooms and bridal suites. The bride and her bridesmaids enjoy a private room with abundant natural light. As a result, bridal portraits come out gorgeous. Here's a pro tip from the best wedding photographers in Seattle: take couples portraits about 45 minutes before sunset. That is called the "golden hour." Plan ahead! The club can also lend you a cart. After a full day of walking and standing in your bridal shoes, you'll be thankful for a ride to the course. Here's one last pro tip from Seattle wedding photographers: use a telephoto zoom lens. We stand about 50 yards away from the couple. As a result, the images show expansive views and vistas of the buildings, trees, mountains and Puget Sound.

For an elegant downtown vibe, consider the Lotte Hotel. It's housed in a former church with a giant dome ceiling. Couples also like the Georgetown Ballroom for a rustic, industrial theme. Photographers enjoy the exposed bricks and neon signs.

Newcastle Golf Club

Lotte Hotel

Georgetown Ballroom

All-Inclusive Wedding Venues

Couples love all-inclusive wedding venues like Gray Bridge Venue in Sultan, Washington. Gray Bridge got its name from the gray bridge that cross a pond. The bridge makes for terrific portraits of the happily married couple!

Wedding photographers rave about all-inclusive wedding venues like Gray Bridge. As a photographer, we can easily move between the girls and the guys. Everyone gets ready nearby. We can also take beautiful photos outside near the pond or the ceremony site. Couples tell us they love the variety of images from wedding photographers when they get married at Gray Bridge. We love walking with couples along the forest path along the lake and trees. The path makes for a great location for a first look or gift exchange. Some couples, like Sydney and Elliott, read their vows and love letters under a canopy of trees. If you're hiring a Seattle wedding videographer, you'll definitely want to consider writing letters or personal vows. They sound great in a wedding film.

Gray Bridge Venue boasts the best outdoor ceremony site in Washington State. Your guests sit on raised benches overlooking the pond and fountain. The seats are elevated. As a result, your loved ones enjoy a clear view of the couple during the marriage ceremony. Sound travels well. Your guests can hear the officiant and vows! In addition, brides can make an entrance down the aisle or around the pond. Katherine decided to walk "down the path" instead of down the aisle. The path meanders around the pond. Guests loved watching her walk around the pond and straight to her husband-to-be. Her walk was unique and special. It built suspense and anticipation. Wedding photographers in Seattle love capturing moments.

The M.V. Skansonia is another terrific choice for all-inclusive wedding venues. The venue is actually an historic ferry located on Lake Union. Don't worry, though, it doesn't sail anymore! Landmark Event Co., which owns and operates the M.V. Skansonia, prides itself on providing terrific inclusive packages and preferred vendors.

If "quirkly" speaks your language, you should take a look at The Ruins. It's also owned by Landmark. The Ruins boasts a large elephant statue. Enough said.

Gray Bridge Venue
Sultan, Washington

M.V. Skansonia
Seattle, Washington

The Ruins
Seattle, Washington

Waterfront Wedding Venues

Waterfront wedding venues in Washington delight your guests. Seattle's Edgewater Hotel offers a charming experience for couples and their loved ones to celebrate. We must admit one mistake. The Edgewater Hotel is not actually waterfront. In fact, it's "watertop," or "overwater," since it's built on pilings that sit above Puget Sound itself. Very cool!

Many couples get married in the elegant ballroom. Be sure to hire an experienced Seattle wedding photographer. The ballroom's lighting poses challenges. The couple typically stand in front of floor to ceiling windows. Abundant natural light floods the room! That's terrific. Guests enjoy magnificant vistas across Puget Sound. However, your wedding photorgapher must compensate for the windows. Photographers know that windows create huge contrast. The couple is dark. The windows are bright. As a result, ask your wedding photographer if they have experience at the Edgewater Hotel. Does your wedding photographer use flash? How do they plan to account for the contrast in light? In fact, photographing a wedding in front of any body of water can be difficult. That's because water reflects light. Photographers must understand how to capture both the couple and the scenery together.

Cassie and Jowell hired Sound Originals as their photographer and videographer for their wedding. They wanted to find the best waterfront wedding venue. We took couples portraits along the waterfront near the Great Wheel and Pier 66. You can capture fantastic photos of the ferris wheel and downtown buildings around sunset.

Garden Wedding Venues

Garden wedding venues in Washington come in many forms. The University of Washington's Center for Urban Horticulture remains a perennial favorite. Get it? Perennial? Seattle wedding photographers can be funny too!

Couples planning garden weddings typically choose the summer. After all, nobody wants to plan an outdoor wedding during the Pacific Northwest's famous rainy season. The PNW's wet climate means garden wedding venues in Washington enjoy lush greenery. Wedding photographers snap lots of pictures of flowers, plants, shrubs, trees and insects. We always sneak a few pictures of honeybees in the garden!

The UW Center for Urban Horticulture's garden wedding venue includes an outdoor ceremony and reception location. Jonica and Kel got married in a grassy field surrounded by trees. We took Jonica's bridal portraits and bridal party group pictures in the grove of trees nearby. The trees provide ample shade for pictures! Some couples hold their dinner, cocktail our and reception in the same grove of trees. How often can you actually eat dinner outside in Washington State? Formal tables look stunning surrounded by trees and nature. For examples, check out the wedding highlight video we created for Brooke and Ryan. They hired Sound Originals as their wedding videographer. 

Many garden wedding venues in Washington also have back-up indoor space for ceremonies and receptions. As a result, couples can count on a dry location in case of rain. After the ceremony, Jonica and Kel moved inside for their dinner, dancing and toasts.

Our friends at Seattle Bride magazine wrote a terrific article with their picks for 10 outstanding garden wedding venues in Washington.

SEATTLE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER ADVICE: Plan your engagement photography at the University of Washington arboretum in the spring. If you're not allergic to pollen, it's stunning to watch the pollen blow through the air. Check out Yui and Matt's engagement photos! The arboretum earned a spot on our list of best places for engagement photos in the Seattle area.

Videography from Garden Wedding Venues in Washington

Winery Wedding Venues

Seattle wedding photographers consider it a treat when they get invited to a winery wedding venue. We have two favorites in this category: Chateau Lil and JM Cellars. They're both in Woodinville, the heart of winery wedding venues in the Pacific Northwest.

Chateau Lil resembles a California wine estate. We love the pond in the backyard. Of course, couples love the wine barrels! As a result, we positioned Melissa and Robbie in front of the barrels for some cute couples photos. Be sure to take pictures with vines. We hung Melissa's wedding dress on a hook outside near the vines and vineyards. That's a required photograph for winery wedding venues in Washington and anywhere else!

JM Cellars weddings also delight couples and their guests. A wedding at JM Cellars looks completely different from Chateau Lil. It's cozy, intimate and secluded. You enter through a hidden driveway to a winery wedding venue that feels like a secret forest. JM Cellars feels like a house. The bottom level features the tasting room and venue space. We love the cozy, romantic vibe. Make sure your wedding photographer in Seattle understands how to photograph in low light. The ceremony room can be dark! But that's what creates the intimate feeling. After the ceremony, many couples hold their reception, dances, first dances and toasts outside in the patio. The large bronze doors in the ceremony room open up to a nicely landscaped patio and garden. The large doors create a perfect backdrop for family and group photo portraits.

Want to see more wedding photos from winery wedding venues? Check out Rebekah and John's gallery from their JM Cellars wedding in the fall.

Chateau Lil
Woodinville, Washington

JM Cellars
Woodinville, Washington

Swiftwater Cellars
Cle Elum, Washington

Sonneveldt Vineyard
Monroe, Washington

Chateau de Nuage
Maple Valley, Washington

Novelty Hill-Januik
Maple Valley, Washington

Videography from Winery Wedding Venues in Washington

Winter Wedding Venues

sleeping lady resort in leavenworth, washington

Couples love...

Have you always dreamed of a winter wedding? Take a short drive across the Cascade Mountains. You'll find plenty of stunning winter wedding venues in Eastern Washington. We love Sleeping Lady Resort in Leavenworth.

Carolyn and Abhishek celebrated their marriage with a snowy winter wedding in January. They held a fusion Indian wedding. Abhishek rode up to the ceremony on a white horse! That's a tradition for grooms in Northern India. They decorated their ceremony room with string lights and an abundance of flowers.

Leavenworth gets a lot of snow in the winter. We flew the drone for spectacular aerial photography of the mountains, trees and rivers covered with a blanket of white snow. The resort is nestled on the hills alongside Icicle Creek. You probably won't be able to hike much in the winter. There was a ton of snow and ice on the road!

We walked to downtown Leavenworth for creative couples portraits with the Christmas lights. Don't you love how they twinkle between the couple?

Leavenworth also boasts great places for engagement photos in the Spring.

Outdoor Wedding Venues


Couples love...

Outdoor wedding venues in Washington State take advantage of the Pacific Northwest's natural beauty. So many venues fall into this category. That's why we decided to name a few of our favorites that haven't been in another category yet!

Orting Manor in Orting, Washington features a wonderful open air outdoor ceremony space. We love the large trees behind the couple. Julia and Jacob celebrated their marriage with an outdoor wedding and a completely outdoor dancing area! Even the couple's dog joined in on the party.

Look no further than the gorgeous Woodinville Lavender Farm for a romantic and special outdoor venue. We adore the purple hues! Check out Yuri and Lincoln's wedding!

Pine Creek Nursery in Monroe, Washington includes a unique greenhouse and outdoor space, along with abundant plants and flowers. Lily and Ralph held their ceremony inside. That's a nice option for venues in case of rain!

Our friends at popular websites and blogs list their own favorite outdoor wedding venues in Washington State. This can be a good resource for couples looking for a longer list of PNW venue options.

Here Comes the Guide

Wedding-Spot's List of Outdoor Wedding Venues

Farm and Barn Wedding Venues

kelley farm in bonney lake, washington
craven farm in snohomish, washington
dairyland in snohomish, washington

Couples love...

Elegant. Rustic. Unique. That's how professional photographers describe farm and barn wedding venues across the Puget Sound region. Couples have so many farms and barns to choose from. It's impossible to pick one, two or even three.

As wedding photographers, we picked three farm and barn wedding venues near Seattle with gorgeous photography opportunities.

Kelley Farm in Bonney Lake, Washington is a classic farm wedding venue. Brides enjoy a cottage with two getting ready rooms, a kitchen and bathroom. Grooms can relax in the "groom's quarters" across the sidewalk. We love the decor. Kelley Farm put a lot of thought into every aspect of the wedding venue. Photographers love taking pictures in the lawn or grassy fields surrounding the property.  You can plan your Kelley Farm wedding inside the barn or outside on the lawn. Both look wonderful! Seattle wedding photographers are very familiar with this property for its perfect attention to detail and photo locations. Janne and Danny held their summer wedding outside on Kelley Farm's lawn with an alter and chairs on the grass.

Couples routinely name Craven Farm in Snohomish, Washington as their favorite wedding venue near Seattle. Wedding photographers appreciate the numerous locations for great pictures. For example, Craven Farm lets couples pose for pictures on tractors, pick-up trucks and other farm props! You can also take your wedding pictures under a wooden arch, among the flower bushes or in the sprawling fields nestled below the Cascade Mountain foothills. Check out Oana and Ruben's wedding photos for ideas! Oana looks absolutely stunning when posing with natural light and her military husband!

We also give a shout-out to Dairyland in Snohomish! Lacey and Josh celebrated their wedding at this farm venue. The venue staff gave us some wonderful advice for romantic pictures. Right before sunset, they showed us the best place for wedding photography at Dairyland. You can stand on the street and capture the magical golden hour photos with the couple.

TIP FROM SEATTLE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS: Ask if your photographer has a license to fly a drone. Farm wedding venues offer amazing opportunities for aerial wedding pictures!

Seattle Wedding Videography | Outdoor Wedding Venues

Forest Wedding Venues

gold creek pond
evergreen meadows

Couples love...

Gold Creek Pond weddings. Enough said. This is the best forest wedding venue in Washington State. It's also the best mountain wedding venue. Gold Creek Pond enjoys a #1 ranking for best places for engagement photos, best places to elope, best places for family photos, and on and on. Wedding photographers in Seattle can't say enough great things about Gold Creek Pond!

Gold Creek Pond Trail is not technically a wedding venue. It's a trail and picnic area maintained by Washington State. Families love spending Sunday evenings picnicking along the pond or grilling at a nearby table. Engaged couples know this place for breathtaking photo ops. And, it's ADA accessible! Everyone in your family can attend your wedding.

Gold Creek Pond is within the Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest. As a result, you'll need your Northwest Forest pass to park at the trailhead. If you don't have a pass, you can buy one at the parking lot.

What makes this such a special place among forest wedding venues? Well, let's explain. The setting looks magnificent. Your wedding photos feature jagged mountains, evergreen trees and a picture perfect pond. The ground is level and flat. You can walk from the parking lot to the ceremony site in five minutes.

Evergreen Meadows also deserves a shout-out. It's a forest wedding venue in Snoqualmie, Washington. Surrounded by old-growth trees, couples love the intimate and private feeling of the ceremony space. Here's a look at Maria and Jairus' wedding with photography and videography from Sound Originals. The venue managers work closely with couples to plan their special day. When Maria visited the venue, she noticed a grove of trees. Nobody had ever used it for a ceremony site before. But Maria had other ideas! She collaborated with the venue to design a wonderful cove for her ceremony. She decorated the forest venue with candles. We may hold the record among Seattle wedding photographers for most pictures of tree stumps with candles! 

Seattle Wedding Videography | Forest Wedding Venues

Beach Wedding Venues

olympic national park beaches
salt creek beach

Couples love...

Wedding Packages Washington State

Sound Originals Photo & Video offers a wide selection of wedding packages in Washington State. We offer photography, videography and combination packages with both a photographer and videographer. Our pricing is transparent. Our wedding packages feature 8 hours of coverage, digital images, full printing rights and an experienced wedding photographer or videographer. We love to travel! Consider us for your wedding photo and video packages in Seattle, Portland and the rest of Washington State and Oregon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the average wedding in Washington State?
The average cost of a wedding in Washington State is around $26,000. This is according to data from The Knot. Keep in mind half of couples spend more. Sometimes, they spend much more.

Where can I get married in Washington State?
Anywhere! In the summer, couples love outdoor wedding venues like Orting Manor. In the winter, consider a winter wedding in Leavenworth, or something inside. Remember it rains a lot here! It's a good idea to ask your wedding venue if they have a backup plan in case of rain.

Do you need a permit to get married on the beach in Washington State?
Yes. Washington State Parks explains the process to get a permit or day-use pass to get married in a state park. Some of the best beaches are located in state parks. The city of Seattle maintains this website for information on permits to get married in a city park or using an outdoor ceremony site.




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